Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An 18th Century Jewish 'Settlement'

Jewish residential locations these days are 'settlements' and not only in Judea and Samaria. And even when they're fake (or there's a typo = 1st century).

This is from a story on a new Jesus TV film:

Charlie Parsons, an executive producer and the channel’s vice president, surveys Antipas’ courtyard. He says this film stands apart in the recent boom of Jesus movies because it’s “a very accessible version of the story. We reach a broad audience and we’re trying to show what Jesus really stood for and present Jesus as a man, as a carpenter and as a man who walked among us. He was very touchable.”

Sleiman proved that a day earlier, and about 90 minutes away, at Tamnougalt. In the dusty courtyard of an 18th-century-Jewish settlement, flickering oil lamps bathed the red limestone with an amber glow as Jesus knelt to wash Peter’s feet before the Last Supper.

By the way, Tamnougalt is in ... Morocco.

And since Jesus died in the 1st century, what is he doing in an 18th century 'settlement'?


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