Friday, January 26, 2007

Channel One TV News Clip - Founding of Shiloh

January 23, 1978.

From their archives.


Chanan Porat.
Geula Cohen.
Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook.

Oh, in Hebrew, of course. But great pictures.


Anonymous said...

hiya reb yisroel! finally got around to checking out your blog. i don't have a computer but am housesitting for a friend who does have one, so i'm catching up on all the stuff i've been meaning to check out. unfortunately, his computer doesn't have a sound card so i could'nt get the audio on the shilo clip. but what a clip! you should try watching it without sound sometime, it highlights the emotion on the faces, esp. geula cohen. also, didn't i see a glimpse of a young arik sharon there? amazing stuff, and the rest of your blog is great too. yeshar coach.

YMedad said...

Thanks Yoni.
Do you have a solution for my situation when a tune runs through my head on Shabbat but by the time Havdalah arrives, it's gonme without a trace?