Monday, January 15, 2007

And Another Rice Comment on Disengagement

QUESTION: Looking back to disengagement plan, the unilateral steps, do you think it was a mistake to do it, like many senior Israelis think? What are the
lessons from it because from the results you see quite a bad result from the plan.

SECRETARY RICE: You know, when big historical events take place, they don't always go precisely as planned and there will often be both good things and bad things that come of it. But I think that on balance the disengagement was a success.


SECRETARY RICE: Yes, because it seems to me that the way that Israelis managed to pull together and to conduct themselves, I was particularly impressed with young officers of the IDF and how they managed this. It is true that security in Gaza has been really problematic, particularly between Palestinians, but indeed as they begin to solve their own political crisis one would hope that if they have a government, one way or another, that is really willing to live up to international obligations, to be internationally acceptable, then the promise of what could be in the Gaza can really be fulfilled. But I have to say that I think that Prime Minister Sharon's vision and then the execution of that is something that when we look back we will realize that that was actually a very important and good step forward for peace.

From an interview With Chico Menashe of Israel's Channel 10

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