Sunday, January 15, 2006

Whoa! Hey, that's the Wrong Emphasis

In his report, Steven Erlanger includes this sentence about the problem with Hamas' participation in the PA elections:

Hamas calls for Israel's destruction in its charter, but says it could abide by a long-term truce with an Israel within its 1967 boundaries. That is unacceptable to Israel, which says it will not return to the 1967 lines, which were the armistice lines of the unconcluded 1948-49 war.

It's not just the borders that are unacceptable. It's the very idea that all we are discussing here with the Hamas is a long time truce.

A long time truce?

You gotta be kidding.

You mean as long as it takes them to obliterate Israel or eradicate it? What are we talking about - something conditional and a matter of time? And how long will that take once our brilliant leaders continue to disengage and weaken Israel so the 1967 lines become dangerous to the extreme?

And under Olmert's direction, and perhaps Tsipi Livni's ministerial responsibility at the post of Foreign Affairs, we go merrily on.

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