Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Reactions to the BBC Program

Here's one, a bit upbeat:

Your contribution was fine - YOU did not seem like a fanatic as did the meshuganna meshumed - formerly ex-New Yorker Joseph Cohen who is now a fanatical Muslim.

The part with you was your explanation of why we don't go on Temple Mount

First part dealt with religion [esp. Catholics and USA Bible belt crowd] but somehow once he got to Jerusalem he indulged a lot more in politics [Sharon's walk on the Mount started the 2nd Intifada, etc.]

Dawkins seems a nice guy and I could listen to him. So far he has not had a real go at Judaism - much filming of our black hat chareidim.

Somone else who wrote indicated that she doesn't think I have much of a future on television.


We watched you on the Telly tonight - please do not be disappointed but I do not think you have a career as a film star - better the Begin centre!

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