Tuesday, January 24, 2006

He Didn't Serve Us Well; They Didn't Serve Him Well

Either HaAretz is gunning for Hadassah Hospital or they are really hurting that their idol, Ariel Sharon, seemed to have been doomed to his fate by poor medical service.

As they write:

One of Israel's leading cardiologists said yesterday that the latest discoveries about the medical condition of Sharon only strengthen the suspicion that his treatment, especially after his first stroke, was affected by nonmedical considerations.

He was referring to Sharon's hasty resumption of his work routine, designed to create the impression of "business as usual" and make the prime minister appear to be healthy.

It was wrong of Sharon to resume his work and to stay at Sycamore Ranch, far from Hadassah, he said.

"Sharon should have been resting, close to the hospital where the doctors treated him and knew his medical history. He should have been in a protected, comfortable environment. That's exactly the `medical bulletproof vest' he should have been given," the cardiologist said.

A senior internal medicine expert at the Maccabi health maintenance organization said the latest reports of Sharon's condition "create a fuller, more realistic picture of a prime minister who is an elderly 78, who is not healthy and is considerably overweight, and has suffered a stroke, a cardiac aneurysm and a hole in his heart that created risks of another cerebral embolism. In addition, the CAA increased the risk of cerebral bleeding.

"In contrast, the briefings given by Sharon's doctors gave the public the impression that Sharon was not suffering from significant risk factors or dangerous diseases," the expert said

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Batya said...

I'm sure that Sharon refused to obey orders, and his staff and the doctors were afraid to buck his demands.