Friday, January 06, 2006

Courage? Maybe Cowardice?

The newspaper of record has this snippet:

Ms. Rice, meeting with journalists, praised Mr. Sharon as "a man of enormous courage" because of his decision to pull Israeli settlers and troops out of Gaza and part of the West Bank last year, and his stated commitment to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Actually, I would think his disengagement and expulsion moves as an expression of cowardice in the face of Western (USA & UK) pressure and his own concern with his future place in history as well as his persoanl ethics, or lack thereof.

No security has been achieved.
The expellees are treated like non-entities.
The terror is getting better and stronger in a strategic sense.
The Pals. are gloating over the unilateral character of his moves which releases them from all responsibility.

You don't believe me?

Here is another excerpt from the NYT article which shows us all that the US is very much aware of all the holes in Sharon's policies but they really don't give a damn:

In the last two months, American officials have expressed increasing impatience with the ability of Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, to control his security forces, prevent rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, and end rogue violence and kidnappings in Gaza.

The United States has also reiterated its demand for the Palestinians to stick to their commitment to hold elections on Jan. 25, despite calls by some Palestinians for a postponement. Many Israelis also fear that if the elections are held on schedule, the big winner will be Hamas, which advocates Israel's destruction.

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