Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finally. Peres.

My good friend David Bedein is undoubtedly pleased with this, having been after Shimon Peres and his financial irregularities for years.

HaAretz is reporting:

Comptroller launches campaign finance probe against Peres
By Zvi Zrahiya, Haaretz Correspondent

State Comptroller Micah Lindenstrauss launched an investigation Saturday into a $320,000 campaign contribution to MK Shimon Peres from billionaire businessman Haim Saban as well as donors outside the country.

Saban, who recently took controlling interest in telecommunications giant Bezeq, made the donation in 2004, when Peres was in the midst of campaigning for chairmanship of the Labor Party.

Peres received the sum from three donors: Israeli billionaire Bruce Rapoport, who currently resides in Switzerland, contributed $100,000; American tycoon Daniel Abrahams, who gave $120,000; and Saban, who donated $100,000.

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