Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hey, It's Not Just Me

I would presume that a few of you out there categorize me in the far-right wing of Zionist nationalism. I'm not that far out there but I probably couldn't convince you of that in any case (but I will continue to try - keep coming back here to read this blog).

So, it's nice to know that perceptions I hold, based on what I think are real facts and not wishful thinking of our messianist peaceniks, are shared at times by some astute and prominent persons and platforms.

For example, read this:

...the Palestinian Authority itself is in such disarray that it may be incapable of negotiating on terms any Israeli leader could accept.

There is spreading chaos, a sense of deterioration and growing concern among both Palestinians and Israelis that the Palestinian Authority, nearly bankrupt and facing a huge budget deficit, may look like a failed state even before it becomes one.

Life for ordinary Palestinians is becoming harder, with less security and optimism than a year ago. The Israelis pulled out of Gaza - a thrilling moment for many Palestinians - but the territory has become practically lawless, not a model for a future state, and Palestinian voters seem set to punish the divided Fatah movement that monopolizes the Palestinian Authority.

Legislative elections on Jan. 25 are expected to bring the radical Islamic group Hamas, dedicated to a continuing armed struggle against Israeli occupation, into a significant share of power in the authority.

And where did this appear?

In the New York Times in a news report, not an op-ed.

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