Saturday, January 28, 2006

Have a Laugh

From BangItOut:-

Top Ten Good Things to Come Out of the Hamas Election Victory:

10. 95% of winning candidates will probably blow themselves up by end of first term

9. Government officials now easily recognizable from their FBI Most Wanted Terrorist mugshots

8. Finally a government to compete with Iran for prize of Most Psychotic Government

7. Allows AP to title pics of kids dressed in Suicide-Bomber costumes with the line "Kids dress up as favorite Government officials"

6. Palestinian C-Span channel will probably have parental advisory for graphic violence

5. May encourage Al-Quaeda sleeper cell members to abandon terrorist plots in favor of seeking cushy government desk jobs

4. Any political filibuster in the new Pal. government would now probably be deemed as "fighting the war on terror"

3. Now calling the Palestinian government a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" is just wrong

2. Finally allows for Hammas version of the TV show "West Wing", which promises to be just like the show "24", except from the terrorists' perspective

1. Makes answering the question "Do the Palestinian people support terrorism?" a no brainer

For more of their type of humor, click here.

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