Saturday, October 27, 2018

What's in the Naming of a Name

The new jointly collaborated on hasbarist effort of T'ruah and Breaking the Silence has a section called

The Ideology of Naming: What We Call A Place Matters

which reads

Because our thoughts can’t exist independent of language, the words we use to label places and activities shape how we see them. “West Bank,” perhaps the most neutral of the terms in use, simply refers geographically to the west bank of the Jordan River. The biblical name “Judea and Samaria,” which highlights the belief that God gave this land to the Jews, became an official Israeli government term in 1968, though it came into popular usage only under the 1977 Likud government. Today the settler movement and most official Israeli government publications prefer this term.
My reaction:

a) "West Bank" is not at all the most neutral. It is a term created in April 1950 to disguise a violation of the UN's recommended idea of creating an "Arab State" out of the Palestine Mandate. Jordan illegally entered that territory, conquered it, occupied it and then annexed it on April 24.

b) "Judea and Samaria" are not only names found in the Bible, but in the New Testament and throughout history to describe the Jewish People's historic heartland.

In fact, they're in that 1947 partition recommendation I referenced in (a) above, in the section laying out the borders: Part II Boundaries.

So, T'ruah is either lying, fudging, or they really know little of what they write.

Or all three.

They are using language to bamboozle.

Don't be.


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