Friday, October 26, 2018

Kochavi and Gidi - Who 'Developed'?

Relating the military history of the new IDF Chief-in-Command Aviv Kochavi, this was included here:

While on the battlefield, Kochavi developed the use of a 5 kg hammer to break down walls and cross through homes in the terror-infested refugee camps in order to prevent his soldiers from being shot by snipers. This ingenious tactic, as well as other urban warfare methods he developed, were later copied by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan

I wish to point out that in April 1948 Jaffa came under attack of the Irgun after months of sniping against Tel Aviv south-west neighborhoods which caused over thousands to flee. commanded by Gidi Paglin, the Irgun force, after earlier failures to advance through Jaffa, adopted his suggestion to move through the building rather than on the streets.  

Holes were blown in the walls and the fighters proceeded from house to house down the streets on the inside.  Later, when British forces confronted the Irgun with tanks and armored cars, they blew up house fronts to bring them down on those vehicles.



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