Wednesday, April 11, 2018


In response to Israel's efforts to prevent a mass breakthrough of it border along the Gaza Strip, an area from which it disengaged in 2005, removing every bit of its former presence including destroying homes and expelling over 8,000 Jews, conducted in a violent fashion with firebombs hurled, shots fired and attempts to cut and/or damage the security fence, an American Jewish group of college-age people, IfNotNow, has been demonstrating in several places, marching and even blocking entrances of establishment Jewish organizations and institutions.

In at least two places, Manhattan and Twin Cities, (add Boston and Los Angeles as of April 11) the demonstrators have recited the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer said for the dead, on behalf of Arabs killed by the IDF to prevent them from illegally entering the state of Israel and harming its citizens and property.

How many times, and on which occasions, have members of IfNotNow recited Kaddish for Jews murdered - shot, stabbed, car-rammed - by Arabs since they were founded?


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