Monday, April 30, 2018

Best Wine Producer in Israel

I love headlines like this:

It comes from an item that originates in London.

In a country with a hot climate, minimal rainfall and a shortage of indigenous wine grapes, setting up a vineyard in Israel doesn’t necessarily scream “success story”. Psagot Winery, however, has overcome all these challenges to rejuvenate the ancient tradition of Israeli wine making, thereby making it a true competitor against its Mediterranean rivals.

...Psagot Winery’s founder Yaakov Berg was keen to reawaken the ancient status that Israel once held...hard work eventually paid off, with a growing customer base worldwide. This year, moreover, Psagot Winery was included in the World Finance Fine Wine Report 2018 and received the award for Best Wine Producer in Israel, 2018

... 65 percent of Psagot’s wine is exported. Now an established international player, Psagot Winery is focusing on its long-term plans of expanding its portfolio to include white wine and sparkling wine.

Continue to learn about Psagot Winery in  Ya’acov Oryah's story here.


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