Thursday, February 23, 2017

Linda Sarsour and A Jewish Cemetery

You've read that BDS activist Palestinian Linda Sarsour is raising tens of thousands of dollars for a vandalized Jewish cemetery saying she hopes crowdfunding effort will help bring ‘a sense of security’ to US Jews

Why does she really do this?

Israellycool knows. Go there.

You're frustrated. Angry.

She upstaged the American Jewish community.

She's gaining national attention.

Jewish liberals are flocking to her.

But you have this feeling she's politically and culturally and religiously poison.

So, what's there to do?

Simple. Begin a campaign to have her raise money, from Muslims only, for another desecrated and defaced cemetery: that on the Mount of Olives.

Har HaZeitim — The Mount of Olives — is Judaism’s oldest and holiest cemetery, the resting place of more than 150,000 Jewish souls. And yet through neglect and acts of hatred, it has been desecrated, its graves destroyed, and its visitors and mourners attacked. 

It is a place for Arab youngsters to do drugs:

Where Arabs throw rocks.

And where graves are desecrated by Arabs.

And vandalized:

And smashed.

Shattered as in this photo by Marc Israel Sellem in the Jerusalem Post:

Demand of Linda Sarsour Mulsim money to make up for Muslim crimes against the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

That would be most appropriate.



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