Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shiloh's Land Acquisition Is Easy. In Missouri.

Somehow, one Shiloh, in Missouri, has an easy time with property purchases and transfers of ownership:

The city of Shiloh has approved steps to move forward an acquisition of 20.9 acres in the region by BJC HealthCare.

BJC is looking to purchase the 20 acres on the northern side of Frank Scott Parkway, the Belleville News-Democrat reports. Shiloh's board of trustees has approved spending $17,208 for an archaeological survey of the property, to be conducted by Prairie Archeology & Research of Springfield.

"Regardless of what the survey turns up, we want them to move ahead with the purchase of the property regardless of survey, so the survey is just a formality of sorts," Village Administrator John Marquart told the newspaper.

Pace Properties is the receiver of the 20.9 acres, which previously was owned by McEagle.

The Shiloh in Binyamin Region, my home village, has many more problems in that field of endeavor.

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