Friday, September 16, 2016

Long Live the Free Press

The media engages in exposing facts.

Like politicians stealing taxpayers money.

Like financial tycoons exploiting friendships to get good deals.

Like employers harrassing their employees.

The media self-glorifies in exposure, revelations, leakings and full disclosure.

And the media lashes out at anyone who incringes on its rights of freedom of the press, freedom of expression, etc.


Er, well...

The BBC has said new rules to force it to reveal the pay of its on-air talent are “disappointing” and likely to cause a “massive headache” after the government confirmed that any employee earning more than £150,000 would be identified.
Culture secretary Karen Bradley said the new obligations to reveal details of stars’ pay would help make the BBC a more “transparent and open” organisation as she launched a draft charter which also confirmed changes to the BBC’s historic system of governance.  In response, Rona Fairhead, who is to stand down as chair of the BBC Trust, said the governing body was “disappointed” by the change in disclosure rules.


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