Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Palestinian Concept of Territorial Compromise?

Is this what the Arabs-who-call-themselves-Palestinian mean by "territorial compromise"?

Ironically, [Rula] Jebreal and [Roger] Waters got to know each other after they were introduced by his ex-wife Durning and Jebreal’s now ex-husband, biotech entrepreneur Arthur Altschul Jr.
To the shock of both their exes, they then started a relationship. “It was very weird for their former spouses, who introduced them . . . Rula had asked to meet Roger because he’s a vocal activist for Palestine. The two former couples have had dinner together many times. They were all friends.”
The source continued, “But after Roger split with his wife, he began an affair with Rula. Arthur found out, and their marriage ended.” Reps for both Waters and Jebreal didn’t get back to us.

Or just old R & R?

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