Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Journalist Shot Dead by Terrorists

While doing research, I came across this newspaper report from the Revisionist-affiliated HaMashkif daily, published in Mandate Palestine on May 22, 1939:

which quotes Vera Weizmann, Chaim's wife, writing to the British Minister for Colonies about a house guest of hers in Rehovot, a Manchester Guardian journalist, who was killed on the same day the White Paper was published by Arabs.

I looked for an English-language report and found this:

This is the Reuter's report as it appeared in the Straits Times:

and in the Sydney Morning-Herald:

His mother wrote "Life is such a rush" in 1931 and The Keys of Heaven in 1920 and a children's volume.  A comedy she wrote, Britannia Of Billingsgate, was aired on BBC Television on November 19, 1953.

I do not know if he was the first journalist to be murdered covering the Arab-Israel conflict and that will need more research.

But at least the Arabs were labeled as "terrorists".

Quite different from today's press.


He was buried in Ramleh:


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