Sunday, February 07, 2016

Jordan: 'Hands Off the Wall Area'

As I foresaw, and which has happened previously:

The Minister of State for Media Affairs, Government Spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Momani, denounced Israel's persistent aggressions against the Umayyad palaces area located to the south and southwest of Al Aqsa Mosque / Temple Mount and adjacent to the walls.

The occupation authorities have recently embarked on the settlement of internal disputes among the different Jewish sects at the expense of the Umayyad palaces owned by Islamic Waqf and so decided to expand the platform dedicated to the prayers of emancipated [Reform] Jews in that area.

...Jordanian government is demanding that Israel palm of her hand from the Umayyad palaces area and return it to the original owner, which the Islamic Waqf to manage and maintain them properly.

Can't wait for the response of the WOWers. 

And that of Prime Minister Netanyahu.



JTA report.

And a 1928 report (second item) of Arab leaders telling Jews they have no say at what goes on at the Kotel after complaints the Waqf was adding rows on top of the Kotel:



Anonymous said...

The pedant strikes!

Do you mean "Hand OFF the Wall"?

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Jordan and other Arab entities did not even know about the presence of the Umayyad palaces south of the Temple Mount until after the 6 Day War when Israeli archeologists dug them up.