Monday, February 15, 2016

Boycotting Zionism Since 1931

Many assert, like here, that the Arab boycott against Israel originated 

"in 1945"

I think that should be more nuanced.

I would maintain that the idea of boycott, as an official policy of Muslims against a Jewish entity in Eretz-Yisrael, should be traced back to December 1931 when the Islamic World Congress convened in Jerusalem and adopted a resolution on that matter. (see below)

The newspaper report:

Seems clear to me.



From Richard Scott Backman

So, I continued the search:

Arabs Boycott Jewish Electricity
March 16, 1923

Arab extremists are waging their fight against things Jewish even to the point of refusing the use of electricity derived from a “Jewish” station.
The Jaffa municipality has decided to stick to the old hand, foot and horse power rather than utilize any of the electrical power derived from the Buttenberg station at the Auja.
Efforts by the government to convince the Arabs that electricity was neutral and knew no politics proved unavailing.

Arab Students Adopt Anti-Jewish Resolution
August 18, 1929

What was termed an All-Palestine Arab Students Conference was held here yesterday with the result that a number of anti-Jewish resolutions were adopted.  The conference decided to combat Arab land brokers who are instrumental in selling land to Jews, to support Arab industries in Palestine and Syria to boycott foreign products, to appeal for unity among the Arabs of Palestine for the independence of the country within an Arab Confederation,

March 30, 1930

Two Arabs found guilty of agitating for the anti-Jewish boycott have been sentenced to six months each in prison.

They also boycotted elections in 1923.  And a lecture by Albert Einstein.


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