Tuesday, October 27, 2015

'Utter Lack of Reality'

The news, then:

Premier David Ben Gurion today made an unexpected appearance at a meeting of the Legal Committee of the Knesset when the Committee started examining a motion introduced several days ago by Menachem Beigin, leader of the Herut Party, urging the proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mr. Ben Gurion asked the Committee to postpone discussions on this motion for one week. His suggestion was accepted by all members of the Committee with the exception of the Herut representative.

Excerpted from this item:

U.N. Decision on International Rule for Jerusalem Cannot Be Implemented. Israel SaysDecember 9, 1949

The Israel Government emphasized today that the resolution adopted yesterday by the U.N. Special Political Committee placing Jerusalem under international trusteeship is “unrealistic and not implementable.” A spokesman for the government said:

“We, of course, regret the vote and we hope that the resolution will not secure the required two-thirds majority in the U.N. General Assembly when it comes up for a vote. It may be all very well for countries remote from Jerusalem to vote as they did yesterday. But those of us who are close to Jerusalem can see the utter lack of reality in the resolution. It is simply incapable of implementation.

“The United Nations will be letting itself in for an absolutely certain fiasco if the resolution is passed at the General Assembly. Not only is the scheme expressed in the resolution objectively unworkable, but it runs directly counter to the united will of the people of Jerusalem. No system of government can succeed which is not based on the consent of those governed. Jews of Jerusalem will tolerate no outside regime...


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