Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Temple Mount? But It Used to be the Kotel

So, the Temple Mount is what really bothers the Muslims, yes?

And they will allow us the pray at the Western Wall, the Kotel Maaravi, yes?



Zionism Iso Facto Aggression Detrimental to Moslem Welfare and Directly or Indirectly Ousting Moslem, December 15, 1931

Zionism is ipso facto aggression and detrimental to Moslem welfare and is directly or indirectly ousting Moslems from the control of their land and their Holy Places, says a resolution adopted to-day by the Moslem Conference meeting here.


Moslems Trying to Revive Wailing Wall Issue: Shaukat Ali Wants to Call All-moslem Conference in Jerusalem, September 7, 1931

An attempt by the Moslem side to revive the controversy about the Wailing Wall (of which the League of Nations Council has just said that it hopes that it has been ended by the decision of its Wailing Wall Commission) seems to be foreshadowed by a report current here to-day that Shaukat Ali, the Indian Moslem leader, who has been spending this week in Jerusalem, wants to call an All-Moslem Conference in Jerusalem for the day commemorating Mohamed’s tethering of his steed Al Buraq (after which the Moslems call the Wailing Wall) at a spot near the Wailing Wall, before his miraculous flight to heaven. Al-Buraq Day, according to the Moslem calendar, occurs on December 7th.


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