Monday, October 19, 2015

BBC Can't Locate "Deep Inside Israel"

In a BBC report on this evening's terror attack:-

This attack will have particularly shocked Israelis as it came not in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank but deep inside Israel itself, the BBC's Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly points out.


From the official list of terror attacks this month, I can read of other locations "not in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank but deep inside Israel itself", even ignoring the slight of Jerusalem, where terror took place -

October 7

Petach Tikva: Knife attack at shopping mall wounded one man. The knife broke, preventing further victims. Bystanders apprehended the terrorist.

Kiryat Gat (southeast of Tel Aviv): A terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier and snatched his gun, then ran into a nearby apartment, where a woman was just returning home. She fought with him and managed to flee. The terrorist was killed by police.

October 8

Tel Aviv: Female soldier and three others stabbed. Terrorist was shot and killed.

Jerusalem: A yeshiva student (25) was seriously injured and another man lightly injured in stabbing attack near the light rail. Terrorist (age 19) arrested.

Afula (town in Galilee): A soldier was wounded in stabbing attack. The terrorist was apprehended soon after.​

October 9

Jerusalem (Shmuel HaNavi St.): Jewish boy (16) was beaten and stabbed and lightly injured. Attacker (18, from Hebron in West Bank) was later apprehended by police.

October 13

Raanana (northeast of Tel Aviv): Two stabbing attacks in the morning, an hour apart: The first at a bus stop in the center of town, in which a man (32) suffered light wounds; the attacker (22, from eastern Jerusalem) was subdued by passers-by and held until the police arrived. The second attack resulted in one seriously wounded and three lightly wounded; the terrorist (a construction worker at nearby Beit Levinstein) was arrested. 

Makor Baruch [actually, Geula], a religious neighborhood. Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 59, of Jerusalem was killed and five wounded. The terrorist, who was apprehended, is a resident of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood who holds Israeli citizenship, was an employee of Israeli phone company Bezeq, and was using a company car to commit the attack.

Does anyone at the BBC know how to look at a map?



Anonymous said...

The really problematic word here is "deep", as if anywhere in tiny Israel could be deep inside the country. The medium is the message and the medium is a lie.

SabaShimon said...

I realize that it's not too realistic, but I would love to see the likes of BBC, NBC, and CNN told to pack up and leave the country.
Let them know that they will be welcomed back when they can exhibit unbiased journalism.
Hell, for that matter, let's boot Ha'aretz as well.
Too far? ;-)

YMedad said...

Anon. - true for most of the Israel know to journos but i'd give him a pass on Beer Sheva.