Friday, September 04, 2015

Who Is Oppressing 'Palestinians'?

I have been complaining why are there no "Palestinians" fleeing to Europe whereas Arabs from almost everywhere else are doing that.  Don't they want to improve their lot?

Of course, the real answer is that they really don't have it so bad here.  Why jeopardize the best that they can expect?  After all, if they had Arab rulers, they'd be oppressed with no human rights, with religious domination and bad economics.

Well, some pro-Pal. propagandists realize that and we read this:

Issa’s family are among the estimated 45,000 Palestinians who fled the bloodshed in Syria only to endure humiliating conditions in Lebanon’s 12 refugee camps, where unemployment rates skyrocket. For decades, Palestinians registered as refugees were banned from practicing dozens of skilled professions. Though those restrictions have been formally loosened in recent years, there are still severe limits on Palestinian refugee participation in Lebanon’s workforce.

Although the Lebanese government places these harsh measures on all Palestinian refugees in the country, those who came from Syria are particularly vulnerable. Making matters worse, UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, recently suspended a $100 rent stipend because of a chronic shortage of funds...Jund al-Sham — a Salafist group with Lebanese and Syrian fighters and which has ties to Islamist groups in Syria — attempted to kill a Fatah member two weeks ago...In July, for example, a prominent Fatah member, Talal al-Urduni, was killed...Fatah responded by accusing all Islamist factions in the camp, including Hamas, of complicity in the assassination, according to Jamal Khattab, leader of the Islamic Mujahadeen Movement, and other camp officials...

...“[Abu Muhammad] worked as an engineer in Syria and provided a good life for my family. There are no jobs for us here in Lebanon.”  With the persistent threat of more violence and an unemployment level that fluctuates between 70 and 80 percent, according to camp officials, many of Ein al-Hilweh’s residents have paid thousands of dollars to take boats across the Mediterranean with the hope of being granted asylum in Europe. Many die along the way.

This anti-Pal. behavior has been going on for decades.  But rarely does it surface and come to the forefront of the media.  If it does, it is still Israel's fault for supposedly causing the "refugee problem".

But it should.  And more often.


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