Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Blumenthals: Hillary's Hasbarists

Maxie, the son, fed Sidney, the father, who fed Hillary Clinton.

They are the true negative hasbarists, as reflected here:

An April 23, 2010, email from outside adviser Sidney Blumenthal appears to chastise her after unspecified remarks for “stepping all over your story by saying you are tired.” Next time, Blumenthal advised, “use the line of the black woman in the Montgomery bus boycott who walked to work: ‘My feet is tired, but my soul is rested.’”

...Clinton complained that a Washington Post editorial about a human rights speech she gave in December 2009 was “either deliberately obtuse or clueless” and ordered her staff to “respond and refute.” Within a half-hour, aides promised that they’d draft a response to show her and would promote other commentary, “most of which has been very favorable.”...
Team Clinton also courted favorite reporters, particularly Mark Landler, who at the time covered diplomacy for The New York Times and appears by name in more than dozen emails from the latest batch released.

So, we know who the real hasbarist is.


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