Sunday, September 20, 2015

On "Contaminators"

Mr. Abbas, remember this:

The Nazi fantasy of a German Volksgemeinschaft bereft of all its "contaminators," first and foremost the Jews, was certainly one of the most extreme, if not the most extreme, case of such political fantasies. However, Confino's cultural history indicates that Nazism and the Holocaust nonetheless belong to this continuum of violently homogenized exclusionary ethnic states, which dream of spreading over vast geographical expanses. He also teaches us that understanding these fantasies is an essential part of understanding these transgressive events.

P.S.  In another review of that book, we find

...Jews were being extruded. They were an alien Other, a source of contamination from whom the healthy German racial community had to be protected.

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OnlineCommentingGuy said...

What's there for him to "remember"? That's the attitude he's living now. He'd be flattered at the comparison, no doubt.