Saturday, March 14, 2015

Netanyahu Corrected

From Jodi Ruderon's piece

Mr. Netanyahu now explains his building initiatives as an inevitable accommodation to natural growth and says they have not materially affected the map, only added, as he put it, “a few houses in existing communities.” He rebuts any suggestion that settlements are the core of the conflict, noting that Arabs and Jews were fighting in this land long before they existed.
“From 1920, when this conflict effectively began, until 1967, there wasn’t a single Israeli settlement or a single Israeli soldier in the territories, and yet this conflict raged,” he said in a May interview with Bloomberg View. “What was that conflict about? It was about the persistent refusal to recognize a Jewish state, before it was established and after it was established."

Let's refine that.

A)  Since Israel didn't exist until 1948, he should have the word "Jewish".

B)  Actually, there were in 1920 over 20,000 Jews in my estimation and perhaps more in those areas, mainly in Jerusalem's Old City but in Hebron, Gaza, Shchem and later many hundreds in the agricultural communities of Gush Etzion (4), Atarot, Neveh Yaakov, Bet Haarava, etc.

C) But he is correct in the final analysis - Arabs opposed Jewish presence everywhere.


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