Thursday, March 12, 2015

Egypt Better Than Israel

In the field of operating animals and fowl and fish for nefarious ends.

There was that shark story 

Shark 'sent to Egypt by Mossad'
An Egyptian official has claimed that a shark that killed one person and left four others injured in Egypt could have been placed there by agents from Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.

and the bird story from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia 'detains' Israeli vulture for spying
Saudi Arabian officials have "detained" a vulture on accusations of being a spy for Israel, media reports say.  The griffon vulture was carrying a GPS transmitter bearing the name of Tel Aviv University, prompting rumours it was part of a "Zionist plot".

Israeli wildlife officials dismissed the claims as ludicrous and expressed concern about the bird's fate.

There are a few others.

Now, meet the Egyptian pelican

Hungry pelican filmed attempting to eat woman’s arm and even nibbling at her FACE at Egyptian holiday resort
The woman appears to try and feed the pelican a piece of banana
But the long-beaked bird attempts to bite the woman's arm instead

A video of a pelican attempting to eat a Russian women on holiday in Hurghada, Egypt has appeared online and it’s rather surreal.  Approaching the long-beaked bird with what appears to be a piece of banana in her hand, the woman crouches down and attempts to feed it.
At first the pelican doesn't seem to be interested, but it eventually turns towards her and instead of going to eat the bit of food goes about trying to fit the lady's whole arm into its mouth.  The pelican decides that it isn't interested in banana and instead has a bit of the woman's face

And you thought the Middle East was a place of rational logic.


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Anonymous said...

Pelicans are famous for using their sack-beaks to collect fruits out of the sea. No, wait...