Sunday, January 04, 2015

Statement from Adei-Ad

In addition to my posts here and here, I can add this element translated from the Hebrew

"it has been relayed from Adei-Ad that: 'on Friday, a female resident of Adei-Ad identified a convoy of Arab vehicles coming to within 50 meters of her house.  She called for assistrance from neighbors.  From one of the vehicles a man emerged with a drawn pistol and a second stick the barrel of a M-16 rifle out the window and aimed at the Jewish residents.  Only after the incident did it become clear that they were security guards assigned to the political officer of the US Consulate in Jerusalem.  The officer was accompanied by Arabs of the Turmos Aya village, some 5 kilometers from the area, and reps of Rabbis for Human rights who led him [unknowlingly] close to the community's houses in order to stir up confrontation and a provocation.

'the area in question requires security coordination and only recently, several incidents including infiltration had occured there.  The residents of Adei-Ad demand that the security forces defend them and not permit organizations engaged in provocations to approach the area'.

And this is helpful

we have to question the wisdom of “investigating” one of these recurring, unsubstantiated allegations about settlers attacking Palestinian olive trees.  Researching the matter reveals that the “information theme” about it is a big racket.

For one thing, there is never the slightest evidence that Israeli settlers did anything to the trees.  It would take days of work to achieve the effects offered as “evidence” by the complaining Arabs:  lopped-off old-growth branches, great piles of newer-growth branches, piles of burned branches, trunks cut back to a state of near-pristine nudity.  The allegations about uprooted saplings – always “hundreds” or “thousands” of them – are not accompanied by affecting photos, as the allegations of attacks on more mature trees are.  But uprooting thousands of saplings would also take days of work...

...anti-Israel activists – i.e., foreign NGO workers – reportedly take part in the false-flag “attacks” on the West Bank olive trees.  These are the organizations that later spread the allegations about settler attacks.

This brings us full circle to the original story about the incident on Friday involving personnel from the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem.  What are our people doing, skulking around the West Bank as if the U.S. State Department is a radical-left NGO?  Beyond the stupidity of the political theater, there is the sordid possibility that some questionable damage claims are made just to get monetary compensation.  And the Obama State Department doesn’t even demand video evidence, at a minimum, before it goes off ambulance-chasing.

Of course, there are those who seek a parallel to the USS Liberty incident. ^

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