Monday, January 19, 2015

Palestinian Segregation and Apartheid

One of the more recent attempts, actually a re-attempt, by pro-Pals. to garner support by fooling others to think that the pro-Pal. cause is parallel to their own struggles for civil and human rights is the "Ferguson=Palestine" meme, which I noted here.

Well, if you view the video clip below, provided by my friend Arnon Segal, you can observe a Jew attempting to quench his thirst at a fountain on the Temple Mount.  A Muslim woman, one of the Mourabitoun ladies, who I call the Wicked Witches of the Waqf, yells, obstructs and then uses violence and pushes him (and then runs away to prevent arrest).  And they continued doing it that day.

That is the real segregation in this part of the world.

Jews cannot drink 'Muslim water'.

Jews cannot coexist with Muslim at a shared holy site, which was a Jewish holy site first (and they even deny the existence of Jewish Temple there in antiquity, which they didn't always do).

Jews cannot purchase "Islamic" land or own property in their state-to-be (or not).

If this is the ideology and political philosophy Afro-Americans want to become enamoured of and support and seek to import Intifada methods into their struggle, they will be in error and probably suffer for it.


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The Irritator said...

Zionists should get revenge by not giving arabs building permits.
Or has that happened already, was that a response or a preemptive revenge?