Monday, January 12, 2015

Does Haaretz Promote Zionism?

At the web site of HaAretz, you can read that while it notes its Zionist background, it describes itself, now so:

Haaretz is an independent daily newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs.

To understand that clearly, read this by one of its senior columnists

 Call for French aliyah: Fulfillment of Zionism or capitulation to terrorism?
Encouraging mass Jewish emigration would help terrorist fanatics finish the job started by the Nazis and their Vichy collaborators: making France Judenrein.
By Chemi Shalev | Jan. 11, 2015 
...Nonetheless, this instinctive reaction – perhaps Pavlovian is a better word – should give reason for pause and discomfort, even among the most ardent of Zionists. Because whether French Jews answer these calls by emigrating to Israel or whether they simply take the advice in principle and go somewhere else, in some ways this campaign is no more than blatant capitulation to terror... the concerted call for French Jews to leave their country, issued by most Israeli leaders only a few short hours after four innocent Jews were murdered in the kosher supermarket near Paris’ Vincennes neighborhood, there was an undeniable element of stabbing a beleaguered sister democracy in the back at its time of dire need...
...Israel has no interest in promoting the eradication of over two millennia of Jewish presence in Europe....There is nothing wrong with Israel promoting emigration, preferably out of choice and not out of fear, but this week was not the right time for such a campaign: the government should have seized the opportunity to strengthen the Jewish community in France, rather than weaken it.

What do you think? 


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