Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Justice Sotomayor Will Facilitate A Lie

Oh, really?

Justice Sonia Sotomayor used strong language in support of the administration’s position. Congress and the Zivotofskys are “asking the government to lie,” Sotomayor said. When Alyza Lewin, the family’s lawyer, protested, Sotomayor said, “How could you tell me it’s not a lie? You, the United States, are being asked to put on the passport that you believe the place of birth of this individual is Israel, and … the executive has said, no, we don’t think it was Israel, we think it was Jerusalem.”

First of all, without appending "Israel", how does anyone know what specific 'Jerusalem' we are talking about?

It could be the city in New Zealand or the one in New York.

Actually, without a country and by leaving just the city, a lie is being created in the sens that the State Department is hiding exactly in which Jerusalem the baby was born.

If Justice Sotomayor decides in favor of the government's position, she will be facilitating a lie.


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