Friday, November 07, 2014

Haaretz Continues It Ha-Ha Line

Amos Harel of Ha-Ha-Haaretz, informs us that

and he relies on a
Source who took part in sensitive forums says intelligence branches have voiced caution time and again.

But Harel thinks Netanyahu showed

total complacency in this regard.

Moreover, Harel would have us believe, a la the Haaretz line that 

In fact, Israel itself has embarked on a lethal route in the case of Jerusalem...the past few weeks have seen a long series of issues and events that have additionally fueled tensions in the city. 

But his main target is that 

there is no doubt that the major spark of the current wave of violence is the Temple Mount. Above all else, the series of attacks stems from a deep Palestinian conviction that a covert Israeli plot exists to eliminate existing arrangements on the Mount and expand Jewish worship there. 

Now since he and we know that is patently untrue, wouldn't some sense and rationality work to simply fix the situation?

No.  At least not on the Mulsim side because either they are not logical and rational, which is a possibility if they keep believing all they do, or that they are not interested and are simply looking for themes and platforms on which to build their political goals and fuel their terror campaign.

So, does Harel launch into an attack on such Arab/Muslim behavior?


He attacks Netanyahu:-

According to a source who participated in the forums that dealt with this issue in recent years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his ministers and the senior defense echelon were warned repeatedly – orally and in writing – by the intelligence branches that a dangerous situation was developing with regard to the Temple Mount. Intelligence surveys attributed this to a pernicious mixture of provocations by ministers and right-wing MKs, complemented by agitation by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the Islamic Movement in Israel.

And he would appear upset that

The police, too, under political pressure and inspired by the government’s inaction, have showed greater flexibility in allowing Jews to visit the Mount, and thus indirectly contributed to the escalating situation. 

When the police actually uphold and preserve the law, he's bothered.

He knows that

Netanyahu reiterated that Israel will not change the “status quo” – referring to the understandings that have allowed Jews, since 1967, to visit the mount but not pray there

Although he writes that Netanyahu was "prodded" to state that.

And worse (!)

Netanyahu himself has started talking about Jerusalem in his speeches – a sign that elections are approaching and that the prime minister will base his campaign, as he did in 1996, on the contention that only he can prevent the city’s partition.

Another Haaretz ha-ha.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Thursday, 6 November 2014), made the following remarks at the start of his meeting with Indian Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh:
"I spoke today to King Abdullah of Jordan and we agreed that we'll do every effort to calm the situation. I explained to him that we're keeping the status quo on the Temple Mount and that this includes Jordan's traditional role there, as consistent with the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. We have to make every effort to restore calm, quiet and security. But I think we have to make that effort throughout the world."

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

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