Monday, November 24, 2014

A Matter of 'Perception'

According to an anonymous "Former Commander", Israel Made a 'Strategic Mistake' last summer.

But be that as it may, what caught my eye was this:

Given rising regional tensions over Israel’s perceived plan to alter the delicate status quo governing the holy Temple Mount in East Jerusalem, any minor tactical action could spark “a religious war of strategic proportion,” the retired commander warned.

“The Temple Mount is a game changer, and any attempt — or perceived attempt — to alter the status that has more or less kept the peace since 1967 will insert God into this conflict,” he said.

“If Israel doesn’t change its behavior and strategic thinking, we’ll face much more than a third intifada. We’ll face a Holy War that will ignite all the regional fanatics in solidarity against us.”

I do not dispute the thinking there but by problem is with the "perceived plan" bit.

If the Arabs can perceive reality which isn't, assume a truth which isn't, what is the use of doing anything rationale?  In this situation Israel can declare morning-to-night that the status quo wil not be altered by the government but the masses won 't believe that and will, perhaops, escalat the violnce.

What then?  What is the strategic perparation for that?  The defense against that? 

How we prevent "regional fanatics" from starting a Holy War if they want to?

And if he insists upon being anonymous, I don't perceive him as an expert.


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