Saturday, June 08, 2013

Results of Oppression and Occupation

A short video showing the supposedly intolerable conditions under which Arabs live in a situation of so-called occupation and oppression including Turmos Aya, next to Shiloh, Ramallah, Rawabi, Beita, Silwad, Ein Yabrud, Deir Dibwan, Burka, Burin, Jalazoun refugee camp, Kafr A-Dik, Beit Furiq, Tell, Es-Aweieh, Lubn A-Shariqiya, Harawa, A-Shueikh, Halhoul, Beit Kahil, Hebron, Mt. Gerizim (the mansion of Munib Al-Masri), Shechem:

I think they got the idea from my wife's 2007 postings (here; and here).


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