Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sh'ma Goes Temple

In this issue:

In September, we approach a new year with an open heart and eagerness to explore old texts with new insights. Each year, our September issue focuses on one aspect of the High Holidays. This year, we are focusing on the Avodah Service—the ancient and sometimes difficult section of the Yom Kippur Musaf. Our September issue will be a 20–page supplement to help you and your communities dig deeper into our ancient rituals.


  • Shai Held on the many translations of Avodah: Service, Torah, Work, Prayer
  • Rachel Adler on ritual change
  • Danya Ruttenberg & Will Berkowitz on the power & limits of service learning
  • Menachem Creditor on viscerality – blood & sacrifice
  • David Dunn Bauer on the theatre of the Temple Service
  • Or Rose on service through corporeality in Hasidism
  • Aaron Alexander on hierarchy and Cohenim
  • Rachel Brodie on avodah and avodah zara: workaholic tendencies
  • Naftali Cohn on re–envisioning Jewish tradition after the Temple
  • Avital Hochstein Campbell on why the rituals are still relevant
  • Howard Wettstein on what it means to pray for the restoration of sacrifices & Temple worship when you don't really want them
  • Louis Newman on priest & prophet: what the distinction means today
  • Sharon Cohen Anisfeld on rabbinic calling
  • Jane Kanarek on egalitarianism & Kohenut
  • Elie Spitz creates a biblio–drama about the High Priest 

They didn't ask me for a contribution.


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