Saturday, June 01, 2013

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner Won't Be Reformed

In the weekly Torah Portion Sheet of Machon Meir, B'Ahava Uv'Emuna, #920, 22 Sivan 5773, Shelach Lecha, Rav Shlomo Aviner has a column called Cellular Responsa, short Halachi replies to queries.

As you can see below, he is asked about woman laying phylacteries (I've starred it):

He notes that the Rama (no, not the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu in Hinduism but the 16th century Rabbi Moshe Isserlis) ordered that if women do put on tefillin, they should be reprobated.  Pressed that Michal, daughter of King Saul, wore them (here, p. 19), he dismisses that claim and adds one:

"And in our days, this practice [of wearing tefillin by women] is much more serious because women of the Reform movement practice the custom".


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