Friday, June 07, 2013

EU Sinking Euros in Palestinian Authority Criticized

Here is part of the criticism:

The European Union continues pumping millions into the treasury of the Palestinian Authority so that the thieves can steal more and more and the PA President and the big crew of buddies which travel in his company during his various tours around the world, staying at luxury hotels and buying expensive suits of silk and luxury shoes from renowned brands.

Palestinians stressed that PA elements have spent millions on their trips and the travel abroad. President Abbas and his staff reportedly spend over 10 million dollar monthly only for travelling. The PA elements that hold the so-called VIP passports are always travelling with their beautiful secretaries and an army of body-guards, and wherever they go, they stay at five-star hotels and eat at expensive restaurants.

The EU recently released on May 6 2013, a financial package worth €19.2 million Euros from money of EU taxpayers, provided to the Palestinian Authority in order to pay the salaries of the employees of the so-called PA “security” coordination with Israel, the retirement pensions and the social security allowances for people who live in poverty in Palestine

And it goes on and on.

Written by an Israeli?  A Zionist?


By this fellow.


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