Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Hope Bushong Doesn't Boomerang

Last July, we were informed that

Admiral Paul Bushong, who currently serves as a commander in Guam in the Pacific Ocean, as well as the head of the Pentagon envoy to Micronesia [actually "commander, Navy Region Marianas/U.S. Pacific Command Representative, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau/commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Marianas, Guam]"will take over the post.
Bushong, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, will replace Air Force Lieutenant General Michael Moeller, and will be responsible for building up the Palestinian Authority's security forces, often referred to as the Dayton Forces, named for Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton who previously served in the position.

The U.S. Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority is located at the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem and is formally responsible for building the security infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority.

When he took charge of Group 2 in Groton in a previous appointment, he was quoted in an interview as saying:
He also hopes to increase the level of enthusiasm for serving on submarines. Events like the Hartford collision and alcohol incidents involving sailors, despite alcohol education efforts by the Navy, have impacted morale, he said. ”Sometimes I think it beats us down and we lose sight, not that all of that isn’t extremely important, but we lose sight of the true joy of the job,” Bushong said...Everyone serving on a submarine...should be proud of that and enthusiastic about it,” he said.
I guess that is important but truth tell, the Arabs here have than necessary enthusiasm about their job training.  Too many Pal. policemen have used their weapons to kill Jews.

As for the USSC
Mission: The USSC assists the Palestinian Authority to transform and professionalize its security sector; engages with the Israelis and Palestinians on security initiatives that build trust and confidence in order to meet Roadmap obligations and supports U.S. and international whole-of-government efforts that set the conditions for a negotiated two-state solution. Goal: The Palestinian Authority possesses professional and self-sustaining security institutions, accountable to and under legitimate civilian authority, that effectively combat terrorism and criminal threats to law and order, perpetuate an environment of security and stability for the Palestinian people, are able to provide for the national security of a future Palestinian State, and serve as a stable and peaceful neighbor to the State of Israel.

That's quite a crucial element.  Literally, a matter of life or death.

(On the security assistance project.)

If you review Bushong's credentials you will understand some chatter I've picked up about concerns and wonderment. The USSC position should, seemingly, demand that an infantryman or someone with experience in civil security be in charge. As far as I know, the Pals. have no submarines or nuclear reactors.

Are there no Army or Marine generals to fill this post? It also seems Bushong has no Middle East background, being mostly in the Pacific.

At least he sat in on a seminar in August:

August 22-23—NESA hosted a United States Security Coordinator (USSC) Seminar last week. The event included participation by Lieutenant General Michael Moeller, U.S. Security Coordinator to Israel and the Palestinian Authority; and Vice Admiral Paul Bushong, who is set to become USSC to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The topics covered during the seminar included “Current Situations and USSC Dynamics,” “Founding of the Modern Middle East,” “History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1948” and “Recent Developments on Israeli-Palestinian Relations.

Then, again, he knows how to hand out money:

You cannot understate the impact of a commanding officer on all aspects of a ship...
We  await the impact and hope for the best.


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