Friday, November 30, 2012

"Palestinian Humor"

Thanks to Clive.

I'm surprised it wasn't reported by the BBC as yet another example of Israeli aggression.  Where was Jon Donnison?  Where was Jeremy Bowen?  Perhaps it will surface as a news story in the Guardian or Independent in the near future. 
"Israeli woman throws bell at Palestinian"
In yet another blatant act of Israeli aggression, a Jewish woman punched and scratched and threw things at a Palestinian who wanted to murder her and her children.  He was armed with only a knife, a simple and unsophisticated weapon which, according to Jeremy Bowen's classification of weaponry, can only do harm in the event of a direct hit.  Using a knife is also much more dangerous for the potential murderer as it requires him/her to get close to the intended victim instead of firing rockets from afar and running away.
In a totally disproportionate response, the woman used highly sophisticated weaponry including a heavy bell to fight off this brave peace-loving man who was only trying to acquit this obligation to Article 7 of the Hamas Charter.  In the face of this onslaught, the Palestinian attempted to make his escape but was brutally murdered by an IDF terrorist when he refused to stop.
According to his friends the deceased was a simple, peace-loving family man whose life was dedicated to hating Jews and teaching others to do the same.  He had hoped to raise several suicide bombers but this unwarranted attack by an Israeli has prevented him from achieving his life's ambition.  "He has left us a fine legacy and we will do everything we can to fulfil it" said a family member.  "That's the least we can do.  If we could do even less, we would."
Sources in Syria report that the government there is meeting to discuss calling for Israel to be brought before the International Criminal Court to answer for this atrocity.
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But there was also this.


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