Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gaza vs. Syria: Who Is Racist Now?

You all remember complaints that Jews are racist and the exmple is that we say 1 Jew (like Gilad Shalit) is worth 1000 Arabs (in exchange for his freedom)?

Well, think about this:

1000s of Arabs die in Syria, killed by fellow Arabs and the UN does balls-all.

several dozens die in Gaza and everyone goes crazy trying to stop the campaign.

And let's ignore, for a moment, who started this round of violence.

So, who is racist now?


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Anonymous said...

That Shalit thing was pathetic. As if Israel demanded that they be allowed to release at least 1000 terrorists in exchange for one Jew to prove how superior they are. Absolutely cock-eyed logic.

(Regardless of the fact that Israel got the better deal - who would you rather have as a neighbour: Gilad Shalit or 1000+ homicidal psychopaths)