Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Word: Goldstoned


–adjective Slang.

1. attacked for acting in a presumed criminal manner, in particular of abusing human rights and of performing war crimes, - in a manner and fashion which is unfair, based on questionable testimony, framed in radical and progressive political ideology and predicated on a perverse interpretation of law, all the while divorced from reality, principles of self-defense and the requirement of a state to protect its civilian population from terror.

2. deriv. dazed from such an attack, for example: "I am goldstoned from the things you say about me".


2009 following the excoriation of Israel and its Operation Cast Lead in Gaza by Justice Richard Goldstone in his UN Human Rights Commission directed Fact-finding Mission.

For reference:

- The Goldstone report reflects the massive influence of NGOs, with more
than 500 direct citations from highly politicized groups that lack
credibility, many of which are funded by European governments.
- The reliance on statements, publications, and submissions from these
NGOs is inconsistent with the claim to have conducted a “fact finding
mission.” By adopting the flawed methodologies and false claims from the
NGOs, Goldstone renders his entire report and its conclusions invalid.
- NGOs and Goldstone maintain a symbiotic relationship: The NGO network
actively promoted the Goldstone inquiry, supported claims of a “balanced”
mandate, and attacked Israel for not cooperating.
- In turn, Goldstone bolstered NGO credibility by relying on their
publications, ignoring biases and false claims, praising their “high
professional standard,” and defending them against “repression” from the
Israeli government.

Highlights of the detailed reports include:

- Details on European government funded NGOs that shaped a major portion
of the claims and allegations targeting Israeli in the Goldstone.
- Goldstone and other members of the commission have close links to HRW,
Amnesty International, PCHR, and other politicized NGOs. Staff researcher
Sareta Ashraph has been involved with pro-Palestinian NGOs and “lawfare”
- The report adopts NGO misinterpretations of international law,
including the claims that Gaza remains occupied and that Israel does not
have a right to self-defense.
- NGO statements that did not fit Palestinian narrative were distorted or
ignored, in order to maximize the condemnations of Israel.

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