Thursday, October 08, 2009

A J Street Joke

The Israel-Arab (or Jewish-Muslim) conflict is at least 90 years old, if you start from the winter of 1919 when the Arabs of Eretz-Yisrael first learned of the Balfour Declaration and began demonstrating against Zionism in quite a political fashion, if, of course, they immediately adopted violence as a tactic and even a strategy.

It is complex, covering 2000 years of history, law, theology and what not. Issues of refugees, naqba, White Papers, Mandate, Zionism, ethnic cleansing, etc.

I could go on but, after ready the following, I figured who needs in-depth study to get ahead in public service on the issue of peace, security and existence for Israel?

From an interview with Isaac Luria, the Online Campaigns Director for J Street.

What is your background? How did you get involved at J Street?

I was working in San Francisco for a few years for an internet company called Donor Digital; living in the mission district. My wife got into rabbincal school at HUC, so we moved to Jerusalem for a year. I did the Dorot Fellowship there and loved it. I loved Israel and enjoyed learning Hebrew and getting the Jewish education that I hadn’t had. Then Jeremy [Ben-Ami, JStreet's Executive Director] got in touch with me a month before J Street launched and asked if I would come on board. I’ve been on board now for 18 months.

That's an impressive resume for the job of diverting American support from Israel based on a false conception of peace.

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Unknown said...

yep - it's rather like some tourists I know who come to visit Israel a few times and then call themselves "experts"... worse, they then counsel other tourists and suggest they don't need tour guides to learn everything and become "experts", too!