Sunday, July 30, 2006

What Was That Psalm, Again?

I know that many bloggers have related to this item of the find of a Psalter in an Irish bog (where one could reasonably have expected to find the bones of someone inebriated who got lost years ago on the way home from the pub but I had to have it here on my blog too:-

The manuscript, containing approximately 20 pages, was discovered last Thursday in the Irish Midlands when the construction worker noticed it while excavating for commercial potting soil. Museum officials declined to specify the bog’s location, explaining that archaeologists were still exploring the site.

The museum said that the bound pages had slipped outside the book’s wraparound cover, made of vellum or leather, and that the psalms were written directly on vellum and the book was found open at a page showing Psalm 83 in Latin.

In later English-language versions, Psalm 83 exhorts God to act against conspirator nations plotting to wipe out “the name of Israel.

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