Friday, July 21, 2006

Get a "Rush"

Rush Limbaugh has some bold opinions.

For example:

That's exactly what's supposed to happen in a war, Andrea! You are a major foreign affairs correspondent for a major American network, and you sound ill-informed, uninformed and naïve. The disproportionality of casualties? We have dealt with that this week. Let me give you the stats that I announced earlier. I did some lengthy research: 92,000 battle deaths in the Pacific theater suffered by America in World War II. Japanese battle deaths, not counting civilians in the bombings of Hiroshima (or Hir-oshima, for you elites) and Nagasaki, 1.59 million Japanese battle deaths, compared to 92,000 American battle deaths.

We're supposed to have tit-for-tat here? If X-number of Lebanese or Hezbollah die, then the same number of Israelis are supposed to die? Where in the world, how in the world, do these people get these jobs? Folks, this is ignorance that is on display and on parade that ought to embarrass every management personnel and every editor that works at NBC!


As another Israeli bomb lands nearby, as a shell whizzes overhead, may I remind you that you are hunkering down either on Gaza or on Lebanese soil that was evacuated by the Israelis so that you could live in peace.

"And what did you donkeys do? You tunneled under the Israeli borders to infiltrate Israel and kill innocent civilians. You established an infrastructure of missiles to rain down destruction on Israeli cities that were at peace, providing security and prosperity for both Jews and Arabs. You captured Israeli soldiers in an unprovoked attack. Kapow! You are getting just what you deserve. Moreover the terrorists of Hezbollah and Hamas have revealed to any sensible observer that they have no interest in peace with Israel or with the West, for that matter. Needless to say, they have no interest in a peaceful Gaza or Lebanon.

Full transcript here.

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