Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Madonna's Dressing Room Demands

Did you know that during her tours Madonna requires three candles to protect her from negative vibes and mean-spiritedness, a relaxing foot spa complete with lavender and camomile body soak, plenty of Kabbalah water, and a love seat.

Madonna, 47, also insists her dressing room is covered with white drapes and white roses - the symbolic colour of her Kabbalah faith.

Did you?

Okay she also demands a brand new toilet seat at every concert she plays. She is said to be so paranoid about germs she has requested that her dressing room toilets are fitted with a fresh seat for every night of her 'Confessions' world tour.

Madonna's US spokesperson Liz Rosenburg has defended her seemingly outrageous demands. She said: "Who wouldn't want a new toilet seat wherever they go."

This was a break from our war coverage and I wanted it on a Jewish theme. ;>)

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Milhouse said...

Compare this to the Beatles' quite modest requirements.

A whole collection of such contract riders can be found here.