Friday, February 11, 2005

So, No Damage? So What?

I have tried to be relentless on Greg Myre's insistence, or that of his foreign editor in NY, to belittle the shelling of civilians in Gaza.

Below is another example of the "they cause little damage" poohpoohing that the NYTimes practices but that's not quite the point.

This is an enemy that insist upon targeting civilians. If Israel was lambasted and pilloried for its practice of "targeted killings" of terrorists, why not apply the same standards (at the least) of condemnation against these persons instread of referring to them as "militants"?

Why not express your opinion and write to on this issue?

If 100 arrive, they maybe we can have an affect.


"The Palestinians have fired several thousand shells toward the settlements in the last four years, but
casualties and serious damage are rare. The shelling had diminished, though it had not stopped,
since the factions pledged last month to Mr. Abbas to suspend attacks temporarily."

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