Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Far From Useless

Once again, I find that the New York Times is so off the mark in simple rational thinking that it provides me with an ideal platform for my counterpoints.

In an editorial, "A Welcome Appointment", published on Feburary 8, the paper crosses its fingers as a sign of hope for the outcome of the Sharm el Sheik conference. The writer characterizes Palestinian terror, what I presume he assumes to be a very generous gesture, as "useless attacks".

However, far from useless, it would seem that Israel, under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's leadership, has capitulated to it.

Despite vigorous military operations, included the tactic of selective elimination of terror planners in addition to its perpetrators, the Gaza district was not invaded and there was no adequate response to the Kassam missiles. Sharon chose to adopt unilateral disengagement, a diplomatic term for fleeing with one's tail between one's legs and is pursuing a total expulsion of the Jewish civilian population, including from communities in northern Samaria.

Terror can have no better reward.

Missiles, however, fly over walls and security fences. It may be that these weapons will continue to be 'useful' in chasing Israel further.

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