Saturday, February 12, 2005

But Why Did Jordan Have to Resign?

The resignation today of CNN's Eason Jordan, the result of blog pressure and the need to regain lost ratings to Fox, recalls another error that networkmade which also involved Fox News Channel.

In May 2002, CNN aired an interview with an Arab suicide bomber's family which was given more prominence and time than one with a relative of his Israeli victims, Sinai Keinan, a one-year old infant and her grandmother. Jordan flew to Israel and announced that "CNN deeply regrets any extra anguish the [Israeli] family has suffered... It was a mistake not to air the full international version...".

An Israel cable company then replaced CNN with Fox for a time as its international news source.

This incident followed an interview CNN's Ted Turner gave to the British Guardian in which he equated suicide bombings and Israel's military response when he said, "I would make the case that both sides are engaged in terrorism." He later apologized, saying that suicide bombings are inexcusable.

Unlike Jordan, though, Turner wasn't required to resign.


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